Dear Internet,

KYM scientists and researchers will be in your monitor screen in a couple hours and later tonight to talk about some memes and answer all your questions. Tune in to Rocketboom Live today at 11 am (EST) for an Interview with KYM scientists Yatta & Elspethjane and Know Your Meme: DO IT LIVE! at 9 pm (EST) later tonight. Take screenshots!



Rocketboom Live
Monday 9/13, 11am EST/8am PST
Watch it at

Monday’s Rocketboom Live variety show is hosted by Molly of Rocketboom Daily and features the hosts of Rocketboom NYC, RocketboomTech, and Know Your Meme. Plus: special guests the Universal Record Database (who will be setting records on air) and New York Times technology writer Nick Bilton (talking about his new book, I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works). Follow the conversation on Twitter with the #rblive hashtag.

Know Your Meme: DO IT LIVE!
Monday 9/13, 9pm EST/6pm PST
Watch it at

Tour the Institute for Internet Studies, home of Know Your Meme. Your hosts, Internet scientists Yatta, Elspeth Jane, Mike & Patrick, will give a lesson in Memes 101 and conduct experiments that answer important questions like, “How much auto-tune is too much auto-tune?” Plus: a very exciting announcement about the show! Follow the conversation on Twitter with the #kymlive hashtag.

Rocketboom Live
Tuesday 9/14, 10pm EST/7pm PST
Watch it at

Tuesday’s Rocketboom Live, hosted by Molly, features Internet experts facing off in the Know Your Meme game show, plus the world’s most useless gadgets with Seth Porges of Popular Mechanics and live performances from juggling mogul Brian Dubé and a surprise musical act. Follow the conversation on Twitter with the #rblive hashtag.

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All of the live broadcasts will be recorded & available on our YouTube channels & at a later date.

We’ll be posting behind-the-scenes photos and details on our production later today at

@innovations: Explore the future of news with Post staff


People are engaging with news in a multitude of ways that couldn’t have been imagined even 10 years ago.  Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have turned distribution models on their heads; major news organizations are experimenting with personalization (The Post certainly is with Trove and Ongo); and the iPad allows you to hold a multitude of competing news apps in the palm of your hand.

A list of every radical change happening to the news business needs its own website and those already exist. The goal of @innovations is to help you make sense of the fray and ask you to join it as we write about how our newsroom is changing while we showcase innovations sprouting up around the world.

We don’t want to just tell you what we think. We want to be transparent as we explore and experiment. To that end, this blog is powered by Tumblr and we’re taking our inaugural run at SXSW Interactive.  
We’ll post explainers as we launch new digital features. And most importantly, we’ll be asking YOU for your ideas about the news. To kick things off, I’d like you to meet (and follow) the co-pilots of @innovations, who will be curating the web:

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No es por copiarles a los cabros de “Futubandera” pero es muy bueno este juguetito…

Instrucciones: Solamente apretar en los cuadrados y este emitirá un sonido dependiendo del lugar. De abajo a arriba cambia la tonalidad y de izquierda a derecha el momento en que va a sonar.


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The guys.


The guys.

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